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Models / Stella Cox

Avg Rating: 4.8

Stella Cox Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Mediterranean
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Loves Spunk
Date Joined:  February 21, 2014

Italian beauty Stella is a submissive slut who has made a very fast name for herself because of her love of spunk.
The 22-year-old newcomer to porn may be quietly spoken but when the cocks come out she can't wait to taste the spunk and hungrily swallows it down.
Her gorgeous slim figure is complimented with pert C cup tits and dazzling eyes that can make any guy go weak at the knees.
Stella Cox Updates

New Bitch In Town
Sade Rose, Stella Cox May 5, 2017
Sade is the new pimp in town and she's taking over. She goes round to Luke's house to show him who's in charge now and ties up his girlfriend. When he comes back she makes him strip naked and let her play with his cock while Stella watches in anger. She takes Stella's gag off and makes her suck his dick...
Best Man Cock
Sade Rose, Stella Cox March 10, 2017
Sade is getting married but seems more interested in setting up bridesmaid Stella with the best man. She tells her about how fit and well endowed he is so when he comes in to tell them its time for the service, Stella can't wait to find out. The bride will be fashionably late as Stella persuades her...
Nurses Take Charge
Sade Rose, Stella Cox January 6, 2017
When a cocky junior doctor tries throwing his weight around with two nurses they turn the tables on him. They pin him up against the wall and grab him by the balls as they tell him it is the nurses who run this hospital. As one pins him in place the other strips him and then they both have a good grope...
Sorority Dating
Beth Bennett, Sabrina Jay, Stella Cox February 19, 2016
Beth is desperate to get into the sorority but is a bit concerned when the review board of Stella and Sabrina insist that she brings her boyfriend along for "approval". When the two sorority girls make him strip off in front of them Beth can't refuse. She then stands there helpless as the two girls suck...
Your Husband Does What?
Beth Bennett, Sabrina Jay, Stella Cox December 11, 2015
Innocent Stella thinks its a joke when a married couple she meets at a party tells her that the husband is a porn star. She doesn't believe them until Beth offers to show off her husband's cock. They adjourn to a quieter room and Beth orders her husband to strip - just as Sabrina walks in! Seeing two...
Dressing Room Flasher
Bianka Brill, Christen Courtney, Sasha Steele, Stella Cox November 13, 2015
Shop assistant Stella is shocked when she walks past the changing room and sees a naked man with the curtains half open. She watches him for a while and then calls over her manager and colleagues. After a few minutes of watching him manager Sasha has seen enough and they burst in to find out why he has...
Good Samaritan
Bianka Brill, Christen Courtney, Sasha Steele, Stella Cox September 11, 2015
Good samaritan Stefan saves a cat after it is run over and when he returns it to it's owners they are desperate to say thank you. The girls don't have much money so they decide to thank him in other ways, stripping him naked and starting to play with his cock. When their two foreign students unexpectedly...
Flask Fucker
Alessa Savage, Emma Leigh, Stella Cox July 24, 2015
Young Billy has the house to himself and thinks it would be horny to slide his dick in and out of a flask while looking through a porn mag. Unfortunately for him, his female housemates come home early and the vacuum effect means his dick has become stuck! After laughing and humiliating him they help...
Competing For Cock
Bianka Brill, Christen Courtney, Sasha Steele, Stella Cox July 3, 2015
PE Teacher Josh is fed up of being the object of all the girls' crushes. SO today he has devised a competition to put a stop to it once and for all. The winners of the competition will get to enjoy his naked body as a one off, after which they must behave in class. The girls eagerly agree and Christen...
Youth Hostel
Alessa Savage, Emma Leigh, Stella Cox May 15, 2015
Three backpackers turn the lights out so they can get some sleep. Shortly after, Tyler walks in and strips off, not realizing he is in the wrong room. When he tries to get into bed the girls turn the lights on and grab hold of him, assuming he was being a pervert. When they see how good-looking he is...
Ice Bucket Challenge
Alessa Savage, Emma Leigh, Stella Cox February 20, 2015
Steve has been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge and his three female friends can't wait to tip the freezing water over him. As it hits him they erupt with laughter but soon realize that he is shivering badly. They help him out of his wet clothes and wrap towels around him before using their hands...
Boxing Weigh In
Amy Matthews, Claudia Arizo, Jess West, Loretta Appleton, Nina Leigh, Stella Cox October 10, 2014
It's the day before the big fight and the challenger has arrived for the weigh in. To her horror, promoter Nina discovers that he is 2 ounces overweight and isn't going to be allowed to fight. She sends the press out of the room and questions the boxer, discovering he hasn't wanked for months. She orders...
Schoolboy Spanked
Amy Matthews, Claudia Arizo, Jess West, Loretta Appleton, Nina Leigh, Stella Cox May 2, 2014
Naughty schoolboy Ed is trying to get Jess to meet him behind the bike sheds after class. But when teacher Nina hears what is going on she calls him to the front of the class to be disciplined in front of all the other girls. She makes him drop his trousers and underwear before spanking his ass really...
Entertaining The Hens
Amy Matthews, Claudia Arizo, Jess West, Loretta Appleton, Nina Leigh, Stella Cox February 21, 2014
Jess's hen night is off to a bad start, especially when a terrible magician arrives and all his tricks go wrong! Restaurant manager Nina is furious with him and demands that he entertains her disgruntled customers in another manner. She announces him as a comedy stripper and the girls all cheer as Nina...