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Models / Satine Spark

Avg Rating: 4.7

Satine Spark Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  October 12, 2010

Blonde stunner Satine is a glamour model from Oxford. The posh spoken 23-year-old is in her second stint in the porn industry, having originally given it all up for a man.
The 5"5 babe with blue eyes and innocent good looks ended up dumping him and diving straight back into porn - just like the cum slut we love!
Satine Spark Updates

Odd One Out
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London September 24, 2021
After being fucked in front of everyone in "Filming The Sky Girl", Kitten returns to the party room having changed her dress. Most of the guys have left but Max is still there having not had his turn yet. When his named gets pulled out the girls decide to all have a go with him. They make him strip naked...
Filming The Shy Girl
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London July 23, 2021
During a game of "5 minutes in heaven", shy girl Kitten gets paired with her crush Luke. One thing leads to another and they end up kissing before she sucks his cock. When she bends over and he starts fucking her they are unaware that one of the other party guests is filming them. He goes back and tells...
Wank Club
Bluelah, Kitten, Satine Spark, Shay London May 21, 2021
"The first rule about Wank Club is you don't talk about Wank Club!" organizer Bluelah instructs the guests at her underground CFNM meeting. The males are instructed to strip naked while the girls watch. Then the females circulate the room groping and fondling all the cocks on show. The excited girls...
Last Night Of Freedom
Liz Rainbow, Princess Eve, Satine Spark November 27, 2020
Dave's mates have played a prank on him for his stag do. They chained him to a wall and left his cock sticking out of the skin suit they made him wear! Sadly for Dave, three girls are the first ones to find him and rather than untying him they decide to take selfies with his exposed penis! They then...
The Dad Bod
Liz Rainbow, Princess Eve, Satine Spark March 20, 2020
Three girls are discussing what turns them on. Satine explains she likes a "dad bod" but the others don't understand what this is. She spots a guy in the cafe who looks like he has a dad bod and she calls him over. She persuades him to take his shirt off and the girls are soon all groping him. They then...
Natural Viagra
Liz Rainbow, Princess Eve, Satine Spark January 17, 2020
Dr Satine has discovered a phenomenon she has called "natural viagra" - a condition where males are fully erect without any stimulation. She is presenting a seminar on it and demonstrates in front of her female colleagues by stripping a male subject naked. When he drops his pants the women are shocked...
Park Flasher
Emma Leigh, Lola Rae, Satine Spark, Tina Kay December 9, 2016
Tina and Emma are walking through the park when they see a guy flash his cock at two young girls. They grab hold of him and march him back to the girls who want to punish him. They laugh at him and slap his cock, then they make him jerk off while they watch. As his cock grows the girls want to have a...
Nudist Show Offs
Emma Leigh, Lola Rae, Satine Spark, Tina Kay October 7, 2016
Three girls out for a walk in the countryside stumble across a nudist colony and decide to have a cheeky peak. When the nudists spot them they invite them over and the girls are soon face to face with several dangling penises! Female nudist Tina is proud of her camp mates and tells the girls their cocks...
Teasing Point
Ava Dalush, Bobbie Jay, Satine Spark July 17, 2015
Ava has been chatting to a guy on the internet who enjoys being naked around women. Along with two of her girlfriends they invite him round to see what this unusual hobby is all about. As soon as he arrives the girls tell him to strip off and they giggle as his cock becomes erect right before their eyes...
Caught Camming
Ava Dalush, Bobbie Jay, Satine Spark May 1, 2015
Mac is enjoying a sexy webcam session with a girl when his three female housemates burst in! He is horrified but they find it hilarious, especially when the girl asks if they will get involved! They first make him carry on jerking off while they watch and laugh, then they each take over and give him...
Sunbed Interrupted
Ava Dalush, Bobbie Jay, Satine Spark March 6, 2015
Satine has settled down with her tanning machine in her bedroom when suddenly a guy bursts in. She tells him to get out and when her housemates rush in, she discovers that he is their new lodger! Feeling violated and wanting to teach him the rules of the house, the girls head to his room where they confront...
Sowing The Seed
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark March 18, 2011
Gardener Tony is showing four girls round the nursery this morning. As he goes into detailed explanations of the life cycle of plants, the girls are more interested in his cute bum and tight shorts. As he explains about how the stalks can shoot up and have nice big red ends, the girls decide to find...
Car Park Wank
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark December 10, 2010
Paul is sitting in his car in a quiet car park flicking through his new porn magazine. As he gets aroused looking at the naked girls, he pulls out his cock and starts playing with himself. Little does he realise that the only car in the car park belongs to four girls and they are on their way back. Lola...
Joggers Catch Him
Axa Jay, Jess West, Megan Coxxx, Satine Spark October 15, 2010
Four girls are out jogging through the countryside when they pass some farm buildings. Lola stops dead in her tracks as she can't believe what she spotted through the window - one of the farm boys sitting on a tractor wanking over a porn magazine! The girls watch him stroking for a few minutes and then...