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Models / Kitty Marie

Avg Rating: 4.8

Kitty Marie Vital Stats:
Hair:  Regularly Changes, Currently Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Cute Girl Next Door
Date Joined:  17 May 2023
Twitter:  @kiittymarie

Kitty Marie is a trained physiotherapist who got bored of massaging legs and wanted to start massaging dicks and pussies instead!
The 22 year old submissive slut from the north of England is into bondage and loves being tied up and gagged.
She is looking to become a switch though as she wants to try dominating guys as well. She says she has done it once and loved being in control so is looking to use and abuse more guys in the future!
Kitty Marie Updates

Extra Curricular
Kitty Marie, Mel Fire May 17, 2024
Mel is giving student Kitty a lesson in how to suck a cock. Just as Kitty is deep throating a rubber dick, one of the male teachers walks in. Mel decides to take advantage of the interruption and yanks down his trousers. Kitty's eyes bulge as she sees his big cock but Mel soon shows her how to expertly...
That's Him
Kitty Marie, Mel Fire March 15, 2024
Kitty is just coming out of the shower when Joe walks in and sees her naked. He claims it was an accident but she is horrified. She fetches her friend Mel and they confront him, demanding some form of penance. Kitty decides that as he has violated her with his eyes, she wants to do the same to him! The...
Down A Peg
Ellie Shou, Kitty Marie, Natasha Class, Summer Reid February 23, 2024
Luke is on the phone bragging about how he gets all the office girls to do his work. He is unaware that manageress Summer has walked in and is listening to every word. The 6 foot amazonian girl is furious and hauls him out of the chair, telling the office girls to help her strip him naked so they can...
Sharing Is Caring
Ellie Shou, Kitty Marie, Natasha Class, Summer Reid December 22, 2023
Four girls have a pact that whenever they find a guy who is good in bed, they have to share him. So when Ellie hooks up with hot Italian Matt, the other three girls all want some. They call him in and insist that Ellie strips him naked and shares him with them. He is confused but when all four girls...
Lesbian Mix Up
Ellie Shou, Kitty Marie, Natasha Class, Summer Reid October 20, 2023
Summer's friend Natasha has only ever been with girls so she invites her boyfriend to join them so she can enjoy her first dick. Unknown to her, Natasha also invited two of her bi-sexual girlfriends and as Jake is standing there half naked, they all walk in! Summer finds it hilarious and asks them to...