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Models / Honey Hera

Avg Rating: 5.0

Honey Hera Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Busty and Toned
Best Feature:  Gorgeous Newcomer
Date Joined:  27 August 2021
Twitter:  @hera_honey

Every now and then a new girl comes on the scene and you just know she is destined to be a big star. Such is the case with stunning new girl Honey Hera who was on her first ever porn shoot when she visited the PureCFNM studio.
The beautiful 26 year old blonde from the midlands of England has a flawless body that she keeps toned at the gym. She has enhanced breasts but they are a proportional C cup and look amazing.
She is a swinger in her private life and was encouraged to get into the adult industry by her boyfriend who loves watching her with other men!
Honey Hera Updates

Let Us Out
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex March 31, 2023
Four naughty girls are locked in jail when DCI Marc Kaye comes to interrogate them. The girls are repentant and offer to do anything to gain their release. The pervy old police officers senses an opportunity and enters their cell as the girls start to seduce him. Although they still have their hands...

World Cup Bet
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex December 16, 2022
Sofia is fed up that Billy is watching so much World Cup football! She makes a bet with him that if Japan beat Germany then he can't watch any more football. He is so confident in Germany winning that he agrees and says he will also streak naked in front of her friends. He becomes worried when Japan...

New Step Sisters
Honey Hera, Ivy Maddox September 30, 2022
Frankie has just finished his shower when new step sister Ivy bursts in. She starts groping the front of his towel just as goodie sister Honey enters and tells her not to be so inappropriate. Frankie goes to leave but Ivy yanks his towel away and the girls see his cock! He covers up but the two girls...

Early Bed
Alex Anderson, Alice Judge, Honey Hera September 16, 2022
Alex is chatting with her friend when Honey drags their younger step brother in by his ear. She is furious that Alex let him go to bed early. "Young boys will always masturbate if you let them go to bed early" she complains. Alex is horrified that he is naked from the waist down and the girls can all...

Calm Him Down
Alex Anderson, Alice Judge, Honey Hera July 15, 2022
When an emergency call goes out over the hospital speaker system, three female doctors find Billy out of control in the treatment room. They hold him down and Honey decides to yank down his trousers and play with his dick to calm him down. As all three of the girls take turns to jerk him off it works...

Teacher's Photos
Alex Anderson, Alice Judge, Honey Hera May 27, 2022
Alex has found some compromising photos of her teacher when he was younger. She shows them to him on her phone and threatens to go to the headmistress unless he does as she says. She orders him to give her and her girlfriends good grades BUT they also want to see what was in the photos - him naked! He...

The Intervention
Honey Hera, Ivy Maddox January 7, 2022
Ivy is worried about her friend Honey and thinks she is possessed by a demon. She calls in Father Marc for an intervention and leaves him with Honey for 10 minutes. When she returns to check on them, she is horrified to find the father's trousers round his ankles and his cock in Honey's mouth! The slutty...

Staff Locker Room
Honey Hera, Ivy Maddox November 12, 2021
Billy is drying his hair in the staff locker room, unaware that two college girls have snuck in and are taking photos of him naked. When he realizes he begs them to delete the photos but they have a condition - they want another look! He reluctantly agrees but the look soon becomes a feel and it's not...

Corrupting Honey
Honey Hera August 27, 2021
A brand new girl called Honey walked into the PureCFNM offices because her boyfriend asked her to see how much we paid. She had no idea what CFNM was so, as she was looking at some of our posters, Mr Pure stripped off behind her and surprised her with his cock! The shocked girl didn't know what to do,...