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Models / Hannah Shaw

Avg Rating: 4.6

Hannah Shaw Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  September 22, 2009

Sussex stunner Hannah is a newcomer to glamour modelling. The feisty brunette is only 19 years old but is full of confidence and enthusiasm.

Her teenage 32-24-34 figure is kept in shape by regular visits to the gym but she also admits to a habit of "wearing slutty dresses to nightcubs to see the guys' faces!"

This young temptress was full of energy in her first shoot for PureCFNM and was a firm favourite and is sure to be back for more.
Hannah Shaw Updates

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Close The Curtains
Hannah Shaw, Honour May August 21, 2020
Steve is enjoying a nice wank at home when two leaflet girls come knocking. Getting no answer they peer in the window and are shocked to see his exposed cock being jerked off. They get his attention and he lets them in so he can explain. But the girls are only interested in his dick and close the curtains...
Unexpected Estate Agent
Hannah Shaw, Honour May June 26, 2020
Estate agent Honour is showing Hannah round a new house but when they walk in they are greeted by the householder walking around naked! Honour apologizes for not calling ahead but Hannah is more interested in the size of his cock and how erect he is with them looking at it! The girls take a closer look...
Don't Cum Yet
Hannah Shaw, Honour May May 8, 2020
Hannah wants to enjoy a tantric mutual masturbation session with her boyfriend. As he jerks off naked and she spreads her legs she has no idea that their flatmate Honour is watching through the glass door. When Hannah spots her she invites her to join them and the two girls start working on his big black...
Strict Boarding House
Devon Breeze, Hannah Shaw, Julia Parker November 8, 2019
Devon runs a very strict boarding house and so she is most upset when she finds a pornographic magazine while cleaning. She threatens to throw all her tenants out if the culprit doesn't own up. Reluctantly Mark admits it was him so Devon makes him strip naked and show them what he does with the magazine...
Strip Search
Devon Breeze, Hannah Shaw, Julia Parker September 6, 2019
Mac is desperate to get into the club but the female security staff say he's not on the list. He demands they fetch the manager but first they have to search him. After patting him down, they order him to take his clothes off and are soon groping the poor boy in the nude! The three women are clearly...
Out Of Jail
Devon Breeze, Hannah Shaw, Julia Parker July 5, 2019
Jack has just been released from prison and hasn't fucked his girlfriend for 3 years. She has planned a sexy welcome home for him - a foursome! Her friends Julia and Devon come in and the three girls are instantly all over Jack's bulge. They strip him naked and take turns on his cock before pushing...
Fetish Club
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Samantha Page, Sapphire Rose May 24, 2019
Sapphire leads her boyfriend to a private room at a fetish club and ties him to the bed blindfolded and naked. What she hasn't told him is that she has a fantasy of seeing him pleasured by other women! To his horror he hears girl's voices enter the room and there are flashes as they take photos of his...
Suits You Sir
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Samantha Page, Sapphire Rose February 8, 2019
Steve is at the clothes store to buy some new trousers. When he steps into the changing room, assistant Samantha sneaks a peak round the curtain and is shocked by the size of his big black cock. She gets her three female colleagues to look as well and they are so curious that they drag him out and start...
First Aid Training
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae, Roxi Lloyd February 16, 2018
Personal trainer Chantelle is trying to show three new girls how to do CPR. Unfortunately the girls don't quite understand mouth to mouth and end up french kissing the male subject! With all the girls bending over in their yoga pants and snogging him he gets an erection and the girls are shocked at the...
Happy Retirement
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae, Roxi Lloyd December 15, 2017
The office girls want to give Mark a nice send off on his final day at work but they discover he is not looking forward to retiring as his wife has booked them into a nudist camp and he is too shy to go! The girls decide to get him over his shyness and grab hold of him and strip him naked, complimenting...
Office Spanking
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Yasmin Scott November 10, 2017
When boss Yasmin hears that her new male employee isn't willing to take orders from girls, she decides to teach him a lesson. She hauls him into her office and humiliates him in front of two secretaries! The poor guy has his pants yanked down and is made to bend over the desk so all three girls can spank...
How To Suck
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae, Roxi Lloyd October 6, 2017
Glamour model Roxi Lloyd gives her first ever blowjob on camera in this video! Young Lola is confiding in friends that her boyfriend wants her to give him a blowjob just as Chantelle and her fella walk in. It turns out innocent Lola has never sucked cock before so Chantelle volunteers to teach her using...
Locker Room Bullies
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Yasmin Scott September 8, 2017
The college nerd has just walked into the changing room when three bitchy netball girls pounce on him. They make fun of him, calling him a virgin saying he must have a tiny cock - then they decide to find out! Ignoring his protests they strip him naked and pull his hands apart to expose his cock. As...
Blindfold Shock
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Yasmin Scott July 7, 2017
Hannah is desperate to get into the sorority but has to pass the initiation set by Yasmin and Chantelle. They blindfold her and tell her she is about to suck off the young, hot captain of the football team. Instead, in walks English professor Mr Davies who strips naked and sticks his cock in her mouth....
Leg Humper
Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis June 23, 2017
Three girls are in the waiting room when they recognize a guy that walks in. Chessie has seen him on a porn video and tells the other girls that he cums REALLY quickly. They want to see for themselves so they strip him off and reveal his rock hard dick! They want to see how little they have to do to...
Tattoo Shop
Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis April 28, 2017
When a guy goes into a tattoo shop to get some new ink on his groin area, he wasn't expecting the female tattoo artists to take such a keen interest in the design! They strip him off so they can examine the area and take their time running their hands over the area the ink will go. He gets an erection...
Cock Dancing
Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis February 24, 2017
Secretary Hannah decides to get her own back on pervy boss Justin. She pretends to want to fuck him and strips him naked and handcuffs him to the chair. But instead of riding him, she goes to fetch the other secretaries and their phones! The girls laugh at his nudity and take selfies with his rock hard...
Feminist Payback
Christina Shine, Hannah Shaw, Princess Paris, Rebecca Brooke February 3, 2017
Feminist Hannah Shaw is doing a TV broadcast about the harmful effects of porn when three pornstars enter the studio. The girls have brought a load of naked male studs with them and they proceed to wank them all off until they are ready to burst. One by one the guys walk onto the set and shoot their...
Conjugal Visit
Christina Shine, Hannah Shaw, Princess Paris, Rebecca Brooke December 2, 2016
Hannah is visiting the prison to enjoy a long awaited conjugal visit with her criminal boyfriend. But when she arrives she is shocked to find that the three female prison guards have to remain in the cell with them! She reluctantly strips her boyfriend off in front of them and begins sucking his cock....
Reverse Bukkake
Christina Shine, Hannah Shaw, Princess Paris, Rebecca Brooke September 30, 2016
When Paris tells her girlfriends that her boyfriend spunked in her face despite her asking him not to, they decide to get some revenge. The cocky guy walks in and says that all girls love getting facials. But when they strip him off and laugh at his cock then push him down and sit on his face he soon...
Double Milking
Brooklyn Blue, Hannah Shaw July 22, 2016
Hannah is going out with the girls tonight and is concerned that her boyfriend is going to jerk off to porn while she is out. Before she leaves she wanks him to a big orgasm and he then falls asleep. A few hours later Brooklyn walks in and finds him still naked and covered in cum. She assumes he wanked...
Driving Test
Ashley Rider, Hannah Shaw, Taylor Shay May 20, 2016
Beautiful driving examiner Taylor has to bring a young lad back to the office midway through his exam as he has got a bit excited in the car. Hannah goes to see if he is OK and is shocked at the tent in his trousers. The older women take pity on him and decide the only way he can take his test is if...
Keep Focus
Brooklyn Blue, Hannah Shaw May 6, 2016
Company execs Brooklyn and George have an unusual interview technique to see if their candidates can keep focused or get distracted. When Hannah sits down for her interview, George strips naked in front of her before jerking off. As she struggles to concentrate she gives up and lowers her lips over his...
Movie Boner
Ashley Rider, Hannah Shaw, Taylor Shay March 25, 2016
Billy and Taylor are watching a movie together when the film suddenly gets raunchy. With nudity on screen and a stunning blonde next to him, the young boy gets a hard on. Hannah and Ashley walk in behind them and see the tent in his trousers and can't help making fun of him. When Taylor realizes what...
Drop On Three
Ashley Rider, Hannah Shaw, Taylor Shay January 8, 2016
Fit hunk Ricky is being shown round the health club by three female staff who hatch a plan to see him naked. They ask him to join them in the hot tub but he hasn't got his costume. They trick him that neither have they but when they all drop their towels at the same time Ricky discovers the girls still...
Babysitter Caught
Ava Austen, Hannah Shaw, Ruby Temptations December 4, 2015
Babysitter Ricky is wanking to porn mags when the lady of the house unexpectedly walks in with two of her friends. They are shocked but decide to watch him jerking off for a bit. They then confront him with Ava and Hannah very annoyed until raunchy Ruby suggests they let him carry on. The girls gather...
Student Doctors
Ava Austen, Gail Lyons, Hannah Shaw, Mikaela Forrester, Ruby Temptations October 2, 2015
Dr Austen has brought two nurses and two student doctors on her rounds today. Male patient Luke is very nervous when she wants to examine him naked in front of them all. They persuade him to take his robe off but as the nurses handle his cock he gets an erection. Dr Austen is horrified because they only...
Surprise Stripper
Ava Austen, Gail Lyons, Hannah Shaw, Mikaela Forrester, Ruby Temptations July 31, 2015
Ruby asked for a nice quiet hen party but best friend Hannah goes behind her back and hires a surprise stripper! As the music starts the group of girls quickly get into the party mood and are cheering and laughing as his clothes come off. Even the shy girls have their hands all over the hunky male stripper...

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