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Models / Georgie Lyall

Avg Rating: 4.9

Georgie Lyall Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Perfect Tits
Date Joined:  April 4, 2014

Georgie Lyall is a former glamour model turned pornstar from Scotland. The sexy 32-24-34 blonde has graced the likes of softcore sites Twistys and Only Tease before moving into more naughty shoots.
The 29-year-old has perfect natural F cup tits and is a brilliant actress, throwing herself into any role that involves a naked man and a throbbing dick.
Georgie Lyall Updates

Step Mum Humiliation
Candice Demellza, Georgie Lyall April 26, 2019
Innocent youngster Candice wants to impress a boy but is sad because she has no experience with the opposite sex. When Georgie finds out she has never even seen a naked man she calls in her step son to help out. He protests but Georgie threatens to tell his father that she caught him watching porn. The...
Border Control
Candice Demellza, Georgie Lyall February 22, 2019
Georgie and her pornstar boyfriend are trying to get into Serbia when border control stops them. Officer Candice thinks he is lying about his occupation and won't let him in the country unless he can prove it. Georgie starts stripping him off and his average physique does not convince Candice. But when...
Candice Demellza, Georgie Lyall December 14, 2018
Max he goes to see Doctor Lyall but she gets confused when he tells her he cums too much! She calls in nurse Candice and they decide to examine him. He strips off and lets them study his cock and balls. They ask him to jerk off but when they see how big his cock gets they offer to take over. With both...
Seeing Pink
Ava Austen, Georgie Lyall September 28, 2018
When Ava and Georgie catch a male friend jerking off to a porn mag they want to know what was turning him on so much. He says he is obsessed with pussy so, to tease him, they flash him theirs! Staring at their beautiful cunts makes him horny and he starts jerking in front of them again. The girls then...
Gloryhole Trap
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Catalia Valentine, Georgie Lyall, Lulu Love, Montse Swinger, Scarlett Jackson September 21, 2018
When Georgie is confronted by a cock stuck through the gloryhole she tricks the guy and ties his cock up so he can't get away. She then leaves him for the night, during which several girls walk in and either take photos of his cock, slap it or give it a good suck until they make him cum. When Georgie...
Foreskin Practice
Ava Austen, Georgie Lyall June 1, 2018
Two student nurses are studying for an exam and are struggling with some of the details of the male anatomy. When a doctor walks in they are desperate to uncover the differences between a circumcised cock and an uncircumcised one so they yank his trousers down and start studying his cock! They get him...
Gates Of Hell
Ava Austen, Georgie Lyall March 30, 2018
After getting sucked off by three sexy angels at the gates of heaven, Stirling is now in hell. He is shocked when the fallen angels explain to him that down here it's not about his pleasure - it's about the girls pleasure. They lift their dresses and show him their pussies and then kiss him while taking...
Selfish Step Daughter
Candi Blows, Chloe Vegas, Georgie Lyall, Tasha Holz February 6, 2015
When Georgie tells her daughter Chloe that she wants to have a baby with her new boyfriend, Chloe is appalled at the idea. She wants to be the only child and the centre of attention so she enlists the help of her two friends and the three of them pay Georgie's boyfriend a visit. They strip him naked...
Sex Ed 101
Candi Blows, Chloe Vegas, Georgie Lyall, Tasha Holz December 5, 2014
Miss Lyall is teaching her class about sex education but they are struggling with the biological details so she calls Josh up to demonstrate. To the students amazement she strips him naked and starts wanking and sucking his cock. She then gets each of the girls to have a wank and suck of their own. Finally...
Skin Suit
Chantelle Fox, Georgie Lyall October 17, 2014
Georgie and Chantelle are discussing what costumes to get for the fancy dress party. Charlie returns home clutching a bag with his outfit in. He says he isn't sure about it so the girls insist he tries it on. Their faces turn to shock when he walks out in a VERY figure hugging skin suit. It leaves nothing...
Live Show Please
Candi Blows, Chloe Vegas, Georgie Lyall, Tasha Holz September 26, 2014
Russ has just finished talking to friends on webcam but forgets to turn it off. As a result his four female friends get a great view of him stripping naked for his shower. When he comes out of the shower they see him lie on the bed and jerk off into a sock! The girls turn on the microphone and applaud...
Behind The Bike Sheds
Chantelle Fox, Georgie Lyall June 13, 2014
Chantelle and Chris have snuck behind the bike sheds so they can make out. As their kissing gets more passionate Chantelle drops to her knees and undoes his trousers. She gives him a sensual blowjob until they are suddenly discovered by teacher Georgie. She tells them off but soon changes her tune when...
Facesitting The Cheater
Chantelle Fox, Georgie Lyall April 4, 2014
Georgie is upset because she has found texts on her boyfriend's phone to another woman saying how much he enjoys eating her pussy. When Josh walks in a few minutes later the girls confront him and push him to the ground. Chantelle holds him down while Georgie straddles his face. "You enjoy eating pussy...