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Models / Chloe Vegas

Avg Rating: 4.9

Chloe Vegas Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  Nobember 22, 2011

Beautiful girl next door Chloe is a newcomer to the world of modelling. The youngster from Brighton wanted to earn some extra cash and spoke to a friend of hers - who just happened to have done a few scenes for PureCFNM in the past - the rest is history!

Chloe has a wonderful natural innocence which is sure to captivate PureCFNM members. The leggy blonde who stands over 6 feet tall in heels works for a well known fashion retailer during the day and models in her spare time.

The 22-year-old has such a photogenic face and exciting personality that she is sure to be shooting scenes for us for many years to come!
Chloe Vegas Updates

Selfish Step Daughter
Candi Blows, Chloe Vegas, Georgie Lyall, Tasha Holz February 6, 2015
When Georgie tells her daughter Chloe that she wants to have a baby with her new boyfriend, Chloe is appalled at the idea. She wants to be the only child and the centre of attention so she enlists the help of her two friends and the three of them pay Georgie's boyfriend a visit. They strip him naked...
Sex Ed 101
Candi Blows, Chloe Vegas, Georgie Lyall, Tasha Holz December 5, 2014
Miss Lyall is teaching her class about sex education but they are struggling with the biological details so she calls Josh up to demonstrate. To the students amazement she strips him naked and starts wanking and sucking his cock. She then gets each of the girls to have a wank and suck of their own. Finally...
Live Show Please
Candi Blows, Chloe Vegas, Georgie Lyall, Tasha Holz September 26, 2014
Russ has just finished talking to friends on webcam but forgets to turn it off. As a result his four female friends get a great view of him stripping naked for his shower. When he comes out of the shower they see him lie on the bed and jerk off into a sock! The girls turn on the microphone and applaud...
Crime Scene
Bunny Carmen, Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley June 28, 2013
Frank has been chained to the bed during a robbery and officers Jessica and Chloe ask Bunny if the crime scene is exactly as she found it. She explains that the towel wasn't covering her boyfriend's naked body and he had been lying there with an erection. The policewomen explain that everything must...
Her Best Friend
Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley November 30, 2012
Chloe is all excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her best friend Jessica. But when she goes out to make the coffee, he comes on to the beautiful Jessica. She decides to teach him a lesson and tells him she only sleeps with guys with big cocks - if he shows her his dick right now then she might...
Drinking The Sperm Sample
Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley September 7, 2012
Mr Davies is on his final day at the nursing hospital recovering from his injuries. Nurses Jessica and Chloe have one final test to complete and it's on his sperm. They give him a jar and ask him to fill it but as they go to leave he shows them his hands and they realise he has no way of pleasuring himself...
Blackmailed To Strip
Bunny Carmen, Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley June 1, 2012
Now Jess has video footage of Justin naked, she is going to use it to blackmail him to do whatever she wants. Today she has ordered him to come round and strip naked for two friends of hers. Justin is very reluctant but when she threatens to go public with the naked footage of him and ruin his career,...
Punished Or Blown?
Chloe Vegas, Shanti Lovelle, Sky Monroe May 18, 2012
After showing the girls what CFNM is all about, our young stud is still horny and sneaks into where Fiona is changing and starts wanking in front of her. She isn't pleased and runs out when he asks her to touch his cock. Moments later Chloe walks in and she feels very differently. She loved wanking his...
Soaked Delivery Man
Chloe Vegas, Jessica Pressley January 13, 2012
Chloe is just signing for a delivery when she notices that the courier is drenched from the rain. She invites him in and leads him to the lounge where her and friend Jessica tell him they will dry his clothes for him. The courier is very reluctant but the girls strip him down to his underwear and sit...
New Girl Gets Carried Away
Chloe Vegas, Shanti Lovelle, Sky Monroe November 25, 2011
Three glamour models have appeared at PureCFNM completely unaware of what CFNM is. One of our guys decides to talk them through it and the girls become more and more shocked as he starts stripping off. The models don't work with guys normally and aren't sure where to look as his cock springs free and...