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Models / Chloe Famee

Avg Rating: 4.8

Chloe Famee Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Innocent Newcomer
Date Joined:  14 April 2021
Twitter:  @meganfamee

Beautiful blonde Chloe was on one of her first ever shoots when she came to film with Lady Voyeurs.
The 21-year-old from Hampshire is a part-time cam girl and hopes to become a stripper soon.
She is 5"3 with pert, all natural B cup tits and loves riding horses in her spare time.
Chloe Famee Updates

Wall Fucker
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll February 9, 2024
Gaz thinks he is at home alone and suctions a fleshlight to the wall so he can fuck it. Unfortunately his 4 female flatmates come home early and watch him fucking the wall! They even take a video of it to show their friends. When he realizes they are there, he is horrified and tries to cover up but the...
Mum Done Well
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll December 8, 2023
Marc is making himself a cup of tea when his girlfriend's three daughters stumble in after a night out. They want to know who he is and what he's doing in their kitchen! When he tells them, they want to check if he is up to their mum's standards so they pull his robe open and examine his cock size! Alora...
Just A Fantasy
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll October 6, 2023
Alora has found sissy porn on her housemate's laptop which explains why she has been finding her lingerie going missing too. She invites her friends round and the four of them confront him about it. They strip him naked and make him put on Alora's bra and panties, then spank his ass and laugh at him....
Disloyal Friends
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll August 4, 2023
Charlie is concerned that she can't trust her girlfriends so she uses husband Billy as bait and tests them. One by one she leaves them alone with Billy in just a towel. Unfortunately, as a horrified Charlie watches on, each of them rip the towel off and start sucking his dick! She confronts them together...
Lingerie Temptation
Angelique Bellerose, Chloe Famee December 30, 2022
When photographer Justin sees the two models in their sexy lingerie he sneaks off to have a quick wank. Unfortunately the girls wonder what is taking so long and catch him red handed! They are flattered he found them so arousing and grab hold of his rock hard dick. They take it in turns to stroke it...
Hotel Reception
Angelique Bellerose, Chloe Famee November 4, 2022
Chloe and Angelique are working the night shift at the hotel front desk when suddenly one of the male guests walks in naked! He appears to be sleep walking so they quickly wake him up and he hides his penis in embarrassment. They explain that technically he has indecently exposed himself so he'd better...
Package Trick
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll August 19, 2022
Three models are discussing how they check out guys' packages to see how big they think their cocks are. Back stage manager Danny overhears this and decides to play a trick on them, stuffing socks down his trousers before walking over. But his plan backfires when the girls are so impressed with his huge...
Netball Play Thing
Chloe Famee, Lana Rose, Zuzu Sweet August 5, 2022
Multiple cumshot alert! Poor teacher Max is chained up and used by a string of netball beauties. Max is led into the girls changing room by stunning blonde Lana. She seduces him with her perfect young body, stripping to her lingerie to get him horny. She then pulls out his cock and strokes him until...
Dorm Chats
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll June 17, 2022
Three college girls are chatting in the dorm about boy's penises, totally unaware that the housemaster is listening in. He interrupts them and they explain they are just curious about how cocks work. Sunflower cheekily yanks down his pyjama bottoms and they see his huge cock! They agree to go to sleep...
Schoolgirl Bullies
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll April 15, 2022
Nerdy Eugene is studying hard when three bratty schoolgirls walk in and disturb him. They tease him and grab hold of him, yanking his boxers up and giving him a wedgie! They strip his clothes off and giggle at what is inside his pants. Then they yank them down and push him on the chair, daring each other...
Surgeon's Hands
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay March 4, 2022
The nurses are getting fed up with the arrogant attitude of top surgeon John so they decide to teach him a lesson. After he has spent ages sterilizing his hands, they yank down his trousers, knowing he can't pull them up again without infecting his hands! The girls giggle away as he begs them to pull...
Shoplifting Gang
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll February 4, 2022
A gang of beautiful shoplifters have targetted a local fashion store. When the store security guard hauls Chloe into the back office and tries to strip search her, her friends come rushing to her aid. They overpower the guard and turn the tables - strip searching him! They tie his hands with rope and...
My Friends Are Here
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose January 21, 2022
Epiphany is horrified to catch her step dad jerking off in his room. What's worse is that she has friends round and they follow her in before she can stop them. The 4 girls stare shocked at his big throbbing cock and then decide they want a feel. Epiphany tells them to stop but the young girls are horny...
Horny Pheromones
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay December 31, 2021
Kendall's company has developer a new pheromone spray that instantly makes men horny. Chloe and Amber want to test if it works so they spray some on work colleague Mark. The girls are amazed as he starts groping himself and then undressing, desperate to give his dick some relief. As soon as they see...
Twister Teaser
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose November 19, 2021
When the girls decide to play Twister, Dimitri is less than excited about having to join in. But as they stretch out over the board, he ends up with the girls faces inches from his groin. The girls are shocked at how big his bulge looks and whisper to each other. Before he knows what is happening, they...
Audition Day
Chloe Famee November 5, 2021
Multiple cumshots as we show you what happened when beautiful Chloe came in for an audition day with a load of new guys. See how the new, nervous guys strip off and expose themselves for the first time. Watch as Chloe gets to work on each of them, jerking them to an erection and then making each of them...
Curfew For Men
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay October 29, 2021
After a spate of attacks on women, the government have imposed a night time curfew for men. Female police officers patrol the streets to keep order and find one guy not following the rules. They get him against the wall and strip him naked to humiliate him and teach him a lesson but when they see how...
Foot Fanatic
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose September 3, 2021
Pascal is at a house party when he sneaks off to the kitchen with Gigi. He is into feet and soon has her shoe off and is sucking her toes - when his girlfriend Chloe walks in with her friends! She is very unhappy and yanks down his trousers in front of everyone to show how turned on he gets by feet....
Slumber Show
Amber Green, Chloe Famee, Kendall Kay June 4, 2021
Kendall has invited two friends round for a slumber party, completely unaware that they both fancy her step brother. During the evening, Kendall tells them she once saw Luke's dick in the shower and it is really big. Chloe and Amber call him in and demand to see it for themselves. He is reluctant but...