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Models / Chantelle Fox

Avg Rating: 4.4

Chantelle Fox Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  April 12, 2011

Stunning brunette Chantelle is a shy 21-year-old from the Midlands in England. She had done some amateur glamour modelling in the past but her visit to PureCFNM was her first real adult video shoot.

The 5"4 babe enjoyed her first shoot - which featured her jumping in at the deep end and having full sex with one of the guys!

He certainly seemed to enjoy her 34-26-34 body, spunking all over her ass in quick time! She is sure to be a regular favourite with PureCFNM members for a long time to come.
Chantelle Fox Updates

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College Trespasser
Chantelle Fox, Rhiannon Ryder, Tindra Frost January 10, 2020
When two teachers catch pupil Rhiannon kissing a boy who doesn't even go to the college, they are less than impressed. They know exactly what the dirty bastard had in mind and decide to show the innocent girl. They order him to strip naked and jerk off for them as they take photos and videos. Rhiannon...
Mobster's Bodyguard
Chantelle Fox, Rhiannon Ryder, Tindra Frost October 25, 2019
Mobster's wife Tindra is on the phone to her friends explaining how bored she is, stuck indoors with her bodyguard. They tell her to have some fun with him so she orders him to strip naked or she will have her husband punish him. Reluctantly he strips off and Tindra calls her friends round to join the...
Stealing His Virginity
Chantelle Fox, Rhiannon Ryder, Tindra Frost August 23, 2019
Tindra knows her brother is a virgin and doesn't want his first time to be with his horrible new girlfriend. When she confides in two of her friends they offer to help out - little did she realize they were going to call her brother in and seduce him right in front of her! As she looks on embarrassed,...
Fetish Club
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Samantha Page, Sapphire Rose May 24, 2019
Sapphire leads her boyfriend to a private room at a fetish club and ties him to the bed blindfolded and naked. What she hasn't told him is that she has a fantasy of seeing him pleasured by other women! To his horror he hears girl's voices enter the room and there are flashes as they take photos of his...
Suits You Sir
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Samantha Page, Sapphire Rose February 8, 2019
Steve is at the clothes store to buy some new trousers. When he steps into the changing room, assistant Samantha sneaks a peak round the curtain and is shocked by the size of his big black cock. She gets her three female colleagues to look as well and they are so curious that they drag him out and start...
First Aid Training
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae, Roxi Lloyd February 16, 2018
Personal trainer Chantelle is trying to show three new girls how to do CPR. Unfortunately the girls don't quite understand mouth to mouth and end up french kissing the male subject! With all the girls bending over in their yoga pants and snogging him he gets an erection and the girls are shocked at the...
Happy Retirement
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae, Roxi Lloyd December 15, 2017
The office girls want to give Mark a nice send off on his final day at work but they discover he is not looking forward to retiring as his wife has booked them into a nudist camp and he is too shy to go! The girls decide to get him over his shyness and grab hold of him and strip him naked, complimenting...
Office Spanking
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Yasmin Scott November 10, 2017
When boss Yasmin hears that her new male employee isn't willing to take orders from girls, she decides to teach him a lesson. She hauls him into her office and humiliates him in front of two secretaries! The poor guy has his pants yanked down and is made to bend over the desk so all three girls can spank...
How To Suck
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae, Roxi Lloyd October 6, 2017
Glamour model Roxi Lloyd gives her first ever blowjob on camera in this video! Young Lola is confiding in friends that her boyfriend wants her to give him a blowjob just as Chantelle and her fella walk in. It turns out innocent Lola has never sucked cock before so Chantelle volunteers to teach her using...
Locker Room Bullies
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Yasmin Scott September 8, 2017
The college nerd has just walked into the changing room when three bitchy netball girls pounce on him. They make fun of him, calling him a virgin saying he must have a tiny cock - then they decide to find out! Ignoring his protests they strip him naked and pull his hands apart to expose his cock. As...
Blindfold Shock
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Yasmin Scott July 7, 2017
Hannah is desperate to get into the sorority but has to pass the initiation set by Yasmin and Chantelle. They blindfold her and tell her she is about to suck off the young, hot captain of the football team. Instead, in walks English professor Mr Davies who strips naked and sticks his cock in her mouth....
Public Nuisance
Chantelle Fox, Crystal Coxxx, Ruby Ryder March 17, 2017
When two policewomen catch a couple performing sex acts in their car they decide to teach them a lesson. They get them outside and make the guy expose his cock to them so they can examine it, lifting it up with their truncheons. They then push the girl's head onto the cock and make her suck it as they...
Can I Have My Ball?
Chantelle Fox, Crystal Coxxx, Ruby Ryder January 13, 2017
Three girls are having a walk in the woods when a football bounces out of nowhere. It is quickly followed by a naked man who covers up in embarrassment as the girls laugh. He is from the local nudist camp but the girls refuse to give him his ball back unless he takes his hands away. He reluctantly shows...
Police Frisking
Chantelle Fox, Crystal Coxxx, Ruby Ryder November 11, 2016
Police officers Chantelle and Ruby pull over a suspicious vehicle decide to investigate the musclebound guy in the drivers seat. As they frisk him they feel a large bulge in the front of his trousers. They strip him off and peak inside his boxers where they discover a large weapon - his cock! The girls...
10 Years Service
Chantelle Fox, Emma Louisee, Eva Johnson, Kimi Sujali, Saskia Thomas August 12, 2016
Group leader Eva reaches ten year's service with the company and her work colleagues arrange a male stripper to celebrate. Unfortunately he doesn't show so Chantelle and Emma grab David from accounts, strip him naked and push him into the conference room. The female execs are stunned but as he gets into...
Measuring Up
Chantelle Fox, Emma Louisee, Eva Johnson, Kimi Sujali, Saskia Thomas June 10, 2016
Sorority leader Chantelle helps out one of the fraternities each year by putting their new pledges through an initiation ordeal. The boys have to strip naked in front of the girls and allow them to measure their cocks both soft and hard and take pictures of their dicks. The girls then jerk them all off...
Selling Tickets
Chantelle Fox, Emma Louisee, Eva Johnson, Kimi Sujali, Saskia Thomas April 8, 2016
Chantelle wants to earn some extra money by pimping out her boyfriend's dick and she arranges a CFNM show and sells tickets to excited females. She just tells boyfriend Ricky that she wants another girl to join them in the bedroom but once he is naked, girl after girl appears through the door brandishing...
Skin Suit
Chantelle Fox, Georgie Lyall October 17, 2014
Georgie and Chantelle are discussing what costumes to get for the fancy dress party. Charlie returns home clutching a bag with his outfit in. He says he isn't sure about it so the girls insist he tries it on. Their faces turn to shock when he walks out in a VERY figure hugging skin suit. It leaves nothing...
Behind The Bike Sheds
Chantelle Fox, Georgie Lyall June 13, 2014
Chantelle and Chris have snuck behind the bike sheds so they can make out. As their kissing gets more passionate Chantelle drops to her knees and undoes his trousers. She gives him a sensual blowjob until they are suddenly discovered by teacher Georgie. She tells them off but soon changes her tune when...
Facesitting The Cheater
Chantelle Fox, Georgie Lyall April 4, 2014
Georgie is upset because she has found texts on her boyfriend's phone to another woman saying how much he enjoys eating her pussy. When Josh walks in a few minutes later the girls confront him and push him to the ground. Chantelle holds him down while Georgie straddles his face. "You enjoy eating pussy...
Bikini Car Wash
Alyssa Divine, Chantelle Fox, Jodie Lee February 28, 2014
Three girls are raising money for charity by running a bikini car wash. The sight of their gorgeous half naked bodies gets one driver a bit carried away and he starts playing with himself inside the car. When the girls spot this they are very unimpressed, dragging him out to explain himself. The cheeky...
Deep Therapy
Bluebell, Chantelle Fox December 6, 2013
When Luke went to see his therapist he wasn't expecting what was about to happen. The young doctor took an instant liking to him and used a new technique to get him under her spell. She made him strip naked while she took photos on her phone and then he wanked while she watched and laughed at him. When...
Paying The Rent
Amber Rodgers, Chantelle Fox, Veronica Vice November 1, 2013
Down and out Justin has failed to pay his rent yet again. When Chantelle and Veronica come round for coffee they encourage landlady Amber to kick him out or get him to earn his keep. They creep into his room and confront him, pulling his clothes off and saying that he will have to pay the rent with his...
Gloryhole Switch
Alyssa Divine, Chantelle Fox, Jodie Lee September 27, 2013
Three girls are chatting about how fit Trevor is and how they think he looks like actor Danny Dyer. Robin overhears this and tells them he can arrange for them to meet him. Shortly afterwards the girls see him talking to Trevor and giving them a thumbs up sign. He returns saying he has arranged for them...
Sperm Bank
Amber Rodgers, Chantelle Fox, Veronica Vice August 9, 2013
Colin is at the sperm bank to make a deposit but is having problems getting himself aroused in the cubicle on his own. He asks nurse Amber if she will "give him a hand" and, because they are running low on semen supplies, she agrees. After a few minutes of wanking his cock she decides to call in two...
Lotion Testing
Amber Rodgers, Chantelle Fox, Veronica Vice May 10, 2013
Three female marketing executives are trying to work out which new lotion their company should promote. Uni student James has been hired to help them and Chantelle and Veronica rub the lotion on his hands to test it. They aren't happy with the results and make him take his shirt off so they can rub it...
Desperate Estate Agent
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw October 26, 2012
Estate agent Michael is under pressure from his boss to meet his sales targets - if he doesn't seal the deal on this latest viewing then he is out of work! When Hannah and Chantelle explain that the price tag is a bit out of their range he becomes desperate and says he will do anything to clinch the...
Cheering Up The Mascot
Angel Long, Chantelle Fox, Michelle Moist, Stacey Lacey September 16, 2011
It's been another losing afternoon for the Red Dragons and as the cheerleaders and team mascot trudge off the field they are very depressed. The mascot is particularly devastated and the girls feel sorry for him. It's been a hot day and they decide to help him out of his furry outfit but as they strip...

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