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Models / Anna Joy

Avg Rating: 5.0

Anna Joy Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Dreamy Eyes
Date Joined:  December 21, 2010

Blonde stunner Anna looks a lot younger than she actually is. She was 31 when she first visited the PureCFNM set but looks more like 23 in the flesh - such is her natural beauty.

The Manchester babe is a relative newcomer to the adult industry but has already worked for several of the big UK website and DVD companies.

At 5"1 she may not look intimidating but her northern girl confidence and sexy 34-26-37 figure soon had the guys whipped into shape.
Anna Joy Updates

Gloryhole Trap
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Catalia Valentine, Georgie Lyall, Lulu Love, Montse Swinger, Scarlett Jackson September 21, 2018
When Georgie is confronted by a cock stuck through the gloryhole she tricks the guy and ties his cock up so he can't get away. She then leaves him for the night, during which several girls walk in and either take photos of his cock, slap it or give it a good suck until they make him cum. When Georgie...
Pleasure Room
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Lulu Love, Scarlett Jackson July 13, 2018
A group of women are shocked when Axa introduces them to the Pleasure Room, a dungeon where loads of naked males are chained up. She explains that the exposed cocks are there for the entertainment of the females. The girls don't need to be asked twice and walk round all the naked guys, groping and trying...
Swim Team Initiation
Anna Joy, Axa Jay, Lulu Love, Scarlett Jackson March 2, 2018
New boys swim team member Mark has been told to report to the girls changing room for his initiation. He is surprised to find swim coach Miss Joy there with three girls and is even more surprised when they tell him he is to do laps of the pool naked! He refuses but the girls yank his trunks off anyway....
Strip Poker Voyeurs
Anna Joy, Ava Austen, Bonnie Rose August 21, 2015
Pete is hoping to get Anna naked by playing strip poker. Little does he realize that she is an expert and has arranged the whole thing with her two friends watching from behind him. They giggle as he loses item after item of clothing before jumping out to surprise him. He tries to stop the game but they...
Swollen Penis
Anna Joy, Ava Austen, Bonnie Rose June 12, 2015
Paul has gone to see the doctor because his penis is unusually thick and he is worried it is swollen. When he drops his trousers the female doctor's eyes pop out of her head! She calls in two nurses to help her and they all gasp that they have never seen such a fat cock! As they examine it, the huge...
Wandering Hands
Anna Joy, Ava Austen, Bonnie Rose March 27, 2015
Pervy exec Simon is well known for touching up his female staff. But today Ava has a camera hidden in her pen and films the sexual harassment before calling in two of her colleagues. The three bitches blackmail the guy, making him strip naked before forcing him to wear their crotch-less knickers and...
Cum In His Pants
Anna Joy, Billie Rai, Harmony Reigns June 6, 2014
Innocent virgin Billy is chatting to some female friends in the kitchen when one of them bends over to get something from a low cupboard. The sight of her shapely ass and skimpy thong makes him lose control and he shoots his load in his pants right there and then! The girls realize what is going on and...
The Audition
Anna Joy, Billie Rai, Harmony Reigns March 7, 2014
At PureCFNM we give our members the chance to be in scenes with our hot girls. In this video we can see how one guy got on in his audition to take part. He is interviewed by three gorgeous girls, asking him what turns him on about CFNM. They then tell him to strip naked in front of them and "flop his...
The Interrogation
Anna Joy, Billie Rai, Harmony Reigns October 11, 2013
International spy Pascal knows the location of the secret formula but is refusing to tell his beautiful interrogators. He begins to get worried when they start cutting off his clothes with scissors and then laugh at him sitting there naked. But he still doesn't talk so the girls take turns to tease and...
Apple Pie
Anna Joy, Daniella Daniella, Shay Hendrix May 20, 2011
Kai is on the phone to a friend who tells him that fucking an apple pie feels just like a pussy. By coincidence there is a fresh pie cooling in the kitchen and Kai decides to see if it is true. Unfortunately he is stripped off and halfway through fucking the fruit pie when Shay, Daniella and Anna walk...
Show Us, Show You
Anna Joy, Daniella Daniella, Shay Hendrix February 25, 2011
Three female co-workers are fed up with Mike staring at their tits all day and decide to see how easy it would be to get him naked. They tell him that if he shows them his body, they will show him theirs. Mike jumps at the chance of seeing the girls naked and is soon stripping off. He keeps trying to...
Carol Singers
Anna Joy, Daniella Daniella, Shay Hendrix December 24, 2010
Three carol singers have knocked on Damian's door but when they start singing he is horrified and starts hurling verbal abuse at them saying how much he hates Christmas. When he calls them "bitches" the girls snap and push him inside the house so they can teach him a lesson. They hold him down and spank...