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Models / Angelique Bellerose

Avg Rating: 4.8

Angelique Bellerose Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Filthy MILF
Date Joined:  12 August 2022
Twitter:  @Somilfy78B

Cute brunette Angelique is far from an angel and has a very naughty side! The 27-year-old from the midlands is a school dinner lady during the day and an amateur pornstar at night.
The curvy MILF earns her living by webcamming and doing amateur fetish shoots. She particularly enjoys domination and pegging so watch outboys!
Angelique Bellerose Updates

Sex Tips 101
Angelique Bellerose, Lacey Amour, Tyler Jo Walker March 17, 2023
Two girls are visiting world renowned sex experts and married couple Angelique and Marc. The young girls are struggling with the techniques they are being shown and point out they were expecting to work on a live model. Angelique apologizes that the model cancelled this morning but the girls won't take...
Ruining Him
Angelique Bellerose, Lacey Amour, Tyler Jo Walker January 13, 2023
Angelique invites Cedric round to have a CFNM experience with her two other friends but she doesn't tell him she is planning on ruining his orgasm. She tells the girls that they are going to see how much they can tease him before he cums. She handcuffs his hands behind his back and the girls start caressing...
Lingerie Temptation
Angelique Bellerose, Chloe Famee December 30, 2022
When photographer Justin sees the two models in their sexy lingerie he sneaks off to have a quick wank. Unfortunately the girls wonder what is taking so long and catch him red handed! They are flattered he found them so arousing and grab hold of his rock hard dick. They take it in turns to stroke it...
Wannabe Gangster
Angelique Bellerose, Lacey Amour, Tyler Jo Walker November 11, 2022
Three beautiful but bitchy girls are being mean to Billy's younger sister so he visits the college to try and intimidate them into leaving her alone. Unfortunately the girls aren't scared by this wannabe gangster - but they do fancy him! They tell him if he strips naked for them then they will leave...
Hotel Reception
Angelique Bellerose, Chloe Famee November 4, 2022
Chloe and Angelique are working the night shift at the hotel front desk when suddenly one of the male guests walks in naked! He appears to be sleep walking so they quickly wake him up and he hides his penis in embarrassment. They explain that technically he has indecently exposed himself so he'd better...
Facesitting The Spy
Angelique Bellerose, Lacey Amour, Tyler Jo Walker August 12, 2022
Lacey is playing with herself in her bedroom, unaware that Sky is spying on her and jerking off. When he is caught by Tyler Jo, she just wants to play with his cock and they both watch! But soon Angelique catches them and pushes them both into the room with Lacey. She is appalled that they were watching...