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Models / Angel Rae Doll

Avg Rating: 4.0

Angel Rae Doll Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Ahegao Queen
Date Joined:  9 September 2022
Twitter:  @AngelRaeDoll

Barbie lover Angel is a 21-year-old porn newcomer from the midlands of England.
The 5"6 petite slut has all natural C cup tits, no facial piercings and only a few tattoos.
She has a toned 28-23-34 body which is made to be bounced round the room on the end of a hard cock!
Angel Rae Doll Updates

After Hours Cleaners
Angel Rae Doll, Jess Nova July 14, 2023
Frankie has been for a late night swim but doesn't hear the health club cleaners knock at the changing room door. They walk in and come face to face with his naked body! He covers up quickly but the two girls now want another look at his delicious cock. They pull his hands apart and admire his dick before...
Shock Foursome
Angel Rae Doll, Ellie Eastleigh, Kitty Glitter May 26, 2023
Kitty wants to have a foursome with her two hot friends but boyfriend Mat is nervous about it. She takes matters into her own hands and invites them round without telling him! She strips him naked and plays with his cock, just as they walk in wearing their skimpy negligees. His nerves quickly disappear...
Class President
Angel Rae Doll, Jess Nova May 12, 2023
Jess and Angel are battling it out for Class President. When Jess finds out how popular Angel is she decides that an endorsement of their teacher could be the key to winning. She starts groping the old man's groin and soon has his trousers down. She is halfway through sucking his dick when Angel walks...
How Life Should Be
Amber Green, Angel Rae Doll, Maddy Gray April 21, 2023
Justin is in the waiting room when there is an announcement of a 20 minute delay. To his surprise, the pretty brunette next to him casually asks if he fancies a quick fuck to pass the time! He eagerly agrees and she sucks his cock before bending over and letting him fuck her until he cums on her ass....
Waiter's Apron
Angel Rae Doll, Ellie Eastleigh, Honour May, Kitty Glitter March 24, 2023
Four girls are looking round an art exhibition when they spot a scantily clad waiter. It seems the gallery thought it would be fun to have him wearing nothing but an apron! These girls certainly think it's fun as Honour yanks the apron off and he is forced to quickly cover himself with the tray! The...
Lame Party
Angel Rae Doll, Honour May January 20, 2023
Honour and Angel are bored at Sarah's 21st birthday party because there are no hot guys there. They decide to have some fun when Sarah's dad comes over to chat. They come on to him, groping his package and letting their boobs pop out of their skimpy party dresses. Despite his protests, they yank down...
Girl Scout Cookies
Angel Rae Doll, Jess Nova January 6, 2023
Two girl scouts are trying to sell their cookies. When they knock on Max's door he invites them in so he can fetch his wallet. When he walks back into the lounge they are shocked as he is totally naked! He explains that he is a naturist and often walks around in the nude. The inexperienced girls are...
Don't Switch Off
Angel Rae Doll, Ellie Eastleigh, Honour May, Kitty Glitter November 18, 2022
Honour is showing some friends her latest CFNM movie when flatmate Tony walks in. He has never seen this niche before and is transfixed so much that he moans when Honour turns it off. The girls giggle that he seems to love CFNM and decide to show him what it's like in real life, holding his hands behdin...
Trolley Dollies
Angel Rae Doll, Ellie Eastleigh, Honour May, Kitty Glitter September 9, 2022
Honour is just finishing up a training session with her flight attendants when an arrogant businessman bursts in and demands the room. He insults the "trolley dollies" until Honour snaps and orders them to strip him naked - treating him like a piece of meat like he was treating them! But when the girls...